Saturday, March 21, 2015

January 14 - Final Day at Her Farm

This morning, Lillian, Caitlin, Emily, Liam and I woke up at 4am to hike up the mountain and watch the sunrise.  We started on up in the pitch black with our headlamps and found a nice spot to watch the sun come up at the top of the mountain. Of course…. we never did actually see the sun come up, as it was hidden behind another mountain until a few hours later, but we did make an adventure out of it! With two Her Farm dogs following us, we hiked up and around through farms and down pretty treacherous mountains, lost trails, and lots of burrs, but we finally made it back to the farm just in time for a much needed breakfast.  Later on, we worked on putting together our data from the clinic.  We copied down all of the information we gathered and got pretty good at deciphering the doctors’ handwriting on the prescriptions! The boys came to the school at 4pm to get an English lesson.  Tonight was our last night at the Farm! I’m really sad to leave such an amazing place but excited for the next adventure that waits at Chitwan. - Courtney

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