Sunday, January 15, 2012


Naldum - a beautiful place located nearby Nagarkot where one could get a most magnificent view. A place where many people live on less than $5 a day, where people walk miles to get water to drink.

Our team arrived in Naldum driving on a bumpy road. People at the village welcomed us with beautiful flower garlands and hopes and expectations.

Shortly after we arrived, our breakfast was ready to eat. We enjoyed our meal while sightseeing breathtaking mountain views of the Himalayas and quickly we got ready to set up our medical camp. We got a huge number of Tamang residents who came for free health check ups at the camp. We almost got over 260 patients to our camp, even though we got such a late start. Throughout the day everyone looked busy helping out sick Naldum residents. Free medicine was distribute along with free treatment and care we found so many Tamang people were unaware of their health conditions. They all deserved our help, our time, and our resources. We could not promise to alleviate all of the illness we saw, but we will surely try to help as many as we can. We have one more day to go and we hope we will see as many patient as possible.

Shrishti Kharel

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