Wednesday, December 7, 2011

Excited and a bit nervous

I cannot believe this is actually happening. We will be going to Nepal to conduct a five days medical camp by the end of this month. We will also be gathering research data, at the community level, to improve the health care for marginalized group.  I am so proud of all our team members including our faculty mentors ( Dr. Kevin Vose, Dr. Ken Kambis and Dr. Eric Jensen)who have associated themselves with Swastha Nepal and worked so hard to make this reality. Without each members’ contribution, this trip would have been still been a dream.

I am excited and a bit nervous to undertake this project. Excited because this is our first trip and nervous because I don’t know what impression will my colleagues are going to get after seeing Nepal and analyzing Nepalese health care system.  In Nepal, it is not uncommon to see how the majority of people walking at least couple of hours if not few days, to get to a basic medical care, to see how superstition and traditional beliefs are still rooted in people’s minds and souls, and how many people would have never seen a hospital.

Professor Vose and Professor Kambis’s independent study courses has not only prepared us to undertake this trip along with the research work but also has urged us to seek medical practice within its larger social context.

This trip will actively foster the pursuit of complex intersections between medicine and other academic fields. Furthermore, it will help us to broaden our horizons and help us to examine society from different perspectives. It will be neat to find out practically how globalization has penetrated all aspects of human existence including medicine. Of all I am super excited to be able to see the various diseases through the medical camp. I am equally excited to be able to work alongside colleagues who are trained in a very different health care system.


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